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toki musi pi jan Pusa *172*

moli kepeken linja

mi ken pilin e linja lon lawa mi.
mi ken pilin e ni: mi tawa pimeja.
mi tawa weka e mi tawa lon kon.

linja li pini la mi moli.

kon mi li seli.
pilin mi li pakala.
ala li awen.

jan pona mi o,
sina pona tawa mi.
sina lon seme?

mi lon pimeja.
wan taso la mi awen
tan olin sina

mi wile moli

mi wile moli e sina
kepeken ilo tu.
mi utala e sina
la telo loje li kama.

sina toki tawa mi:
“sina moli tan seme?”
ali mi li ike tan sina.
sina li jan ike.

mi moli e jan pona sina:
jan akesi en jan pi wile unpa.
moli ona li pona kin.
palisa mije ona li tu.

sina lukin tawa mi.
pilin ike li lon oka sina.
tenpo pini la mi lon luka sina.
tenpo ni la ali sina li lon luka mi.

sin la mi utala e sina.
sin la telo loje li kama.
sina li tawa ala li toki ala.
tenpo ni la pakala mi li lon ala.

jan pi ilo kalama pi tomo nasin sewi

lon tomo palisa pi ilo kalama kiwen
la ona li pana e kalama.
mi mute li ken kute e kalama pona.
jan lili li kama e tawa ni
jan lili li jo e luka pakala seli.
moku taso ona li pan walo.
tenpo musi li kama la pilin ike li kama.
tenpo lape li kama la pilin ike li kama,
tenpo suno ali la ona li pana e kalama pona.
tenpo pimeja ali la ona li lukin e jan* li pana tawa ona.
mun en suno lili li pilin ike tawa ona.
ona li wile e olin lon ma ni.

meli li jo e lipu*
sina wan taso lon tomo.
sina jo e lipu lon luka sina.
suno li lon linja sina.
sina pona lukin.
taso sina pona mute lukin tan ni:
mi wile kama sona e sina
li wile pilin e luka sina.
ali la mi wile e ni: mi lon poka sina.
meli li jo e lipu. 

tawa tomo pi telo seli lipu
jan li kama li weka.
tenpo li kama li weka.
telo seli telo mama mi li pini.
taso sona mi tawa sina li weka ala

[wan taso "only one" alone
jan akesi “snake man” traitor (based on Philipine trope of snake as secretive and biting suddenly and unexpectedly) [nonce] Probably best as a pejorative nickname “Snake”
palisa mije “male rod” penis [idiom]
tomo palisa “stick building” tower [idiom]
ilo kalama kiwen “metal sound instrument” bell [nonce, but probably idiom if need arose]
pakala seli “fire damaged” burned [idiom]
pan walo  “white grain” rice [idiom] 
suno lili “little sun” star [idiom, I suspect] [strictly 'mun']
pona lukin “visually good” pretty, beautiful, handsome [idiom]
telo seli lipu ”leaf hot beverage” tea [nonce]
telo seli [pi] telo mama “parental wet hot beverage” milk tea' 

I can feel a rope around my neck
I can feel myself headed for darkness
I fly away
When the rope goes taut, I am dead
 [I wasn’t sure how to express a rope going taut in TP, so the closest I could think of was “the rope has ended”]

My soul has been burned
My feelings have been destroyed
Nothing has remained.

My friend,
You are so kind to me
Where are you?

Trapped in darkness*
I wait alone
For your love

*lit. I am in darkness

I Want to Kill

I want to kill you
With a knife
As I strike at you
Blood flows

You ask me
Why do you kill?”
My life is screwed because of you
You are an enemy

I have killed your friends
The Snake* and The Man-Bitch
Their deaths are good indeed
Their dicks have been cut off

You look at me
Fear is in your eyes
Before, I was in your hands
Now your life is in my hands

Again I stab you,
Again blood flows
You move not, you speak not
Now my suffering is no more

*In the Philippines, traitors can be idiomatically referred to as snakes.
The Bell Ringer
In the bell tower,
He sends out a sound.
We can hear a good sound.
The child comes here.
The child has a burned hand.
His only food is rice.
When rest comes, sadness comes.
When bedtime comes, sadness comes.
Every day, he sends out The Good Sound.
Every night, they see that person* and give to him
The moon and stars are sad for him.
He wants love in this land

The Girl with the Book*

You are alone in the room.
You hold a book in your hand.
The sun is on your hair.
You are pretty.
But you are very beautiful because
I want to get to know you
and to hold your hand.
All in all, I want to be by your side
The girl has a book.

*The TP and EN titles are different. This is intentional. I feel each title best summarizes their respective translations


People come and go
Time comes and goes
My milk tea is finished
But my feelings for you remain

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