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len pi linja suno, tan jan Mali *170*

suno li len e ma kepeken linja suno la mi lukin. tan sewi pi tomo mi la mi lukin e ma pan. kon pi wawa lili li tawa lon ma ni en kili pan. suno li pana e mani suno ona tawa ma mi tawa moku. ona soweli li suno wawa tan insa pi lawa tawa pi pan ni li suno e ma pan suli sama seli loje. kepeken linja ona la suno li len e mi. suno li weka e lete pi tenpo pimeja pini li poki e mi. waso mije mi li kalama wawa e pilin seli pona. mi lukin e suno lili pi lon selo ona la mi toki e ni: "ona li kalama tan suno a." linja suno li tawa, li tawa suli, li tawa wawa, li poki e pimeja kepeken pilin pona, li suno e selo kule pi tomo sewi. sewi li open e uta laso ona la ona li pini e lape pi ma kasi suli. waso pi ma kasi li kalama pona. nena ale li wile lon e linja suno li toki e ni: "kama pona! suno o linja e ma e mi!" mi a e pilin pona, li anpa tan sewi tomo, li open e pali pi tenpo suno sin.
tenpo kama la suno li anpa. suno li weka e linja pona ona tan ma suli. linja loje mute li anpa li tawa monsi pi nena pimeja. mani suno kule li tawa ona li tawa weka. mi sona ala e ma pi suno lape. taso mi sona e ni: ma pan li ike pilin. waso mije li kalama ala. sewi li pini e uta lete ona. suno lili pi sewi pimeja li toki e ni: "suno suli li lon seme?" kon wawa pi jan pi tenpo pini li lon tomo sewi. soweli pi nasa en ike li tawa lon nena. mi pini e selo oko mi. lape la, mi lukin e tenpo sin pi len pi linja suno.

Cloak of Sunbeams
When the sun clothes the earth in sunbeams, I look on. From the top of my house I look at the barley fields. A gentle breeze moves on the land and this grain. The sun sends out its sun flocks to the earth to graze. They shine brightly between the moving heads of grain and light the large fields like fire. With its beams, the sun clothes me. The sun drives away the cold of last night and encloses me. My rooster loudly crows the good warm feeling. When I see the sparkles in his feathers, I say “Oh, he crows because of the sun.” The sunbeams move and move a lot and move quickly and enclose the darkness with good feelings and light the colorful surfaces of the steeple. When the sky opens its blue mouth, it ends the sleep of the forest. The forest birds chirp loudly. All the hills want to give birth to the sunbeams and say “Welcome, Sun! Stitch together the earth and me.” I sigh with contentment and go down from the housetop and begin the work of a new day.
Later, the sun goes down. The sun takes away its pleasant beams from the fields. The red beams go down and go behind the dark hills. The sun flocks go to it and go away. I don't know the land of the sleeping sun. But I know that the grain fields are sad. The cock does not crow. The sky closes its cold mouth. The stars of the night sky say “Where is the big sun?” The ghost of ancient people are in the steeple. Weird and evil beasts are on the hills. I close my eyelids. In sleep I see the return of the cloak of sunbeams.

The original
Sunweave by Marie Elliott

I watched as the sun spun its web across the world. From the rooftop of old uncle Aldrich's thatched shack I gazed across the barley fields, stalks floating freely betwixt a passing breeze. The sun sent its flock out to graze in our pastures, and swiftly it shone through nodding heads, illuminating the field with a golden fire. The sun took its needle and thread and embroidered the air about me, stitching me into pocket of warmth to ward off the nighttime frosts. Our rooster cock-a-doodled audaciously in pride and triumph, and seeing a faint glow of light about him, I spoke to myself, “That must have been the sun.” It was steadily racing now, rays and ribbons netting the darkness in euphoria and bedazzling the amethyst windows of the steeple in the distance. The sky began to yawn, a sea-blue gaping maw awakening the forest, calling the birds to begin their jubilant choir. Every rolling hillock, glistening in jeweled dewdrops, welcomed the weft of the sunlight into the warp of the world. I watched as the sun’s web unfolded over all of us. Then, after a sigh of content, I dropped from the thatched rooftop to work among the barley fields.

The sun retreated later that day. It unpicked its fine tapestry and pulled each string behind it. A train of crimson threads followed on behind a shadowy hilltop, and the sun’s colourful flock chased after it. I know not where the sun goes once it releases darkness back into the world, the warp quivering as a cold wind runs between. All I know is that the barley fields are stricken with a sadness in waiting, the rooster does not even cluck as a hen, and the sky closes firmly its cooling lips, small stars blinking to ask, “Where has the sun gone?” The steeple is riddled with ancient ghosts now, and strange and terrible creatures wander the hills. I close my eyelids, barred to the world in slumber, and dream of tomorrow with its brilliant sunweave.

toki musi lili pi nasin pi ma Nijon *171*

toki musi lili pi nasin pi ma Nijon

A. ante toki.

1. tan jan Paso
Furuike ya 
kawazu tobikomu 
mizu no oto


telo lili pi sin ala...
akesi lili li tawa lon insa.
telo li kalama
tp: lie hap po

telo awen li lon
akesi li kama insa
telo li kalama
tp: jan-ante

akesi laso
li tawa telo awen..
kalama telo!
telo awen la
akesi li tawa ni
kalama telo.
telo sin ala
akesi laso tawa
kalama telo
tp jan Kipo

kame waruru
yoru no kōri no
nezame kana

kalama pi poki telo li moli.
telo sijelo li lete tenpo pimeja.
ona li lon e mi.
tp: lxrfury
kalama pi poki telo li moli.
telo li lete lon tenpo pimeja.
ni li lon e mi.
kepeken jan kipo

pakala poki
lete li lon pimeja.
mi pini lape. /ni li lon e mi
telo lete li
pakala e poki mi.
ni li lon e mi.
tp jan Kipo

3. tan jan Josa(?)
mi ken ala kama lukin e toki open ni
kasi telo
kasi telo
li tawa e telo
li tawa e ona

kasi telo la
ni li tawa tan telo
en tan sama kin
tp: shinan,
kepeken jan Kipo 

kasi telo
li tawa e telo
li tawa e kasi
tp jan alexei ezhikov
kepeken jan Kipo

4. tan jan Isa
kimi nakute
makoto ni tadai no
kodachi kana

sina ala la
ma kasi li
suli mute
tp: jan Julius
sina weka la
ma pi kasi suli li
suli mute kin.
tp. jan Kipo

tan jan Amparo A. Jarranz
mi ken ala kama lukin e toki open ni
ni li lon kon:
li kama e seli sin.
kasi kule li open
tp jan Julius

palisa pi kasi suli
ona li telo suli pi sina
tenpo telo li pini la.
tp. jan Julius

palisa kasi
li kama telo tan sewi.
ona li tawa.
mi kama telo kin. 

tp jan-ante en jan Julius

B: sitelen lon toki pona
toki musi pi tenpo pi kama lete

kasi suli li
kama kule mute li
jelo li loje.

tan jan Kulisa

luka kasi li
tawa ala lon sewi.
lipu li weka.

tan jan Mali

poka nasin la
lipu pi kasi suli
li ko pimeja.

tan jan Kulisa

telo li kama.
lete li kama.
jelo li kama.
tawa ma jelo lete telo la lipu li kama anpa.

tan jan Pilo

toki musi pi tenpo lete
tan kon tawa la
linja lawa li tawa
li lon sinpin mi.
tan jan Christa Hansberry

supa li seli.
selo la lete li lon.
mi wile telo.
tan jan Kipo
tawa tenpo Kulimasa
tenpo li lete.
kulupu mama li wan.
pilin li seli.
tp jan Eleonora Schinella

tawa tenpo Epipanija
meli Pepana
li pini e tenpo pi
pana en musi.
tan jan Kipo

mute pi tan Peter Coronado
moli li awen
li linja lon supa ni.
ala li toki,

mi wile tawa
ma ni pi kili suwi,
en ma laso wan
kepeken jan Kipo

akesi linja
li moku e luka mi.
ni li pakala!

pan li lon supa.
jan mani en jan lili
li moku e pan.

tenpo ali la
mi wile lape pona,
mi wawa ala.

kalama suli
li lon ma tomo ali.
pona, o pini!

telo li anpa.
mi wile ala pali
lon lete suli.

suwi pimeja
li pona e pilin pi
mi jan tan seme?
kepeken jan Kipo
pipi li toki:
“o moku ala e mi!”.
ona li loje.
pona sijelo
li telo li tawa kin
lon ma kasi mi.

tenpo lili la
ilo pi pali pona
li ijo moli.
kepeken jan Kipo
ma ante li lon.
taso ona ali li
kalama musi.

ali li ike.
weka pi suno loje
li pona lukin.

tan jan Pilo:
kon insa seli -
tomo pali li ike.
jan li pakala.
mi wile e ni:
mi lon ma suli pona
pi nena en kon.
kepeken jan Kipo

kiwen pi insa
pi ma tomo li tawa
li kiwen ala.
kepeken jan Kipo

jan sin li kama.
ona li lon ma mama.
o kama pona!

suno li seli.
mi lape lon ko lete
pi poka telo.
ko pona mi o,
sina kiwen lon tenpo
pini suli kin!

sewi li telo.
akesi li lon anpa
kiwen pona a.

seli sijelo
ona li wile nanpa
e tenpo ala.

kon tawa wawa
la luka kasi weka
li awen pona.

nasin li poka
e ma pi kasi anpa!
mi wile tawa.

noka li nasa.
kon kasi li kalama.
oko li musi.

kalama kasi.
jan sona li kute ni.
soweli li mu.

telo lete a.
soweli li tawa ni.
mi wile e ni!

mi lukin sewi.
walo li tawa seme?
ona li ante.

tawa ijo ante
mi wile lukin.
mi wile pilin ali
mi wile sona
tan jan WikiWiki

mi wile sona
e ijo suli mute.
lawa li seli
tan jan ante

a telo loje
lon palisa kipisi!
insa pona mi!
tan jan kasi sewi,
kepeken jan Kipo

sewi li pona
mute pi lon ma tomo
lon tomo tawa.
tan jan Loliko,
kepeken jan Kipo

toki pona o.
mi pilin e kon tawa.
ma sike li wan.

tenpo pimeja
la pipi li mu mute...
li suwi kute

tan jan Josuwa

pan suwi lili
li pana e kon pona.
tawa tomo mi
tan jan Kulisa

insa tomo la
kon li suli li seli.
o lete e mi!

tan jan Josuwa

toki musi la
mi ken ala kama lon.
ni li kama kin.

tan jan Kipo

jan sitelen lon
li kepeken ko jaki
tawa sitelen.

tan jan Kipo

literal translation:
The old pond-
a frog jumps in,
sound of water.

From tp:

Old pond
Frog goes in
Water makes a sound

There is an old pond
A [big] frog goes into it
Water makes a sound.

goes to the abiding water.
Water noise.

Abiding water.
Frog goes to it.
Water noise!

No longer young pond.
Frog moves.
Water noise.

No handy literal translation, but it seems to be something like “at night ice broke the bottle. I woke up, alas.”

trl Robert Hass
Awake at night—
the sound of the water jar
cracking in the cold.

from tp:

The sound of the water bottle dies
The water is cold in the night.
This awakens me.

The freezing water
broke my bedside water jug.
This awakened me.

The cold pot breaking
in the middle of the night
wakes me up, alas!

from tp

Water lilies
move the water
and move themselves

Water lilies
come from the water
and from themselves, too.

pretty much “Without you, how vast is the grove.”

No you.
Groves seem
quite huge.

With you being gone,
the forest of mighty trees
is very big indeed.

This is in the air
and causes great excitement:
The flowers are open.

A branch of a tree
During a past time of rain,
it sprinkled on you.

A tree branch
became wet from on high.
It moved.
I became wet, too.

Autumn Songs
become many colors,
yellow and red.

The tree leaves, trembling,
Wave their younger colours,
Turning to red flame.

don't move above.
The leaves are gone.

Looming tree branches
Bend and sweep no longer; their
Leaves have long since gone.

Along the roadside
the leaves of the trees
are black muck.

Along the roadside,
Fallen leaves are now naught but
Blackened, rotten mush.

Water comes,
cold comes,
yellow comes.
To the wet cold yellow ground, the leaves come down.

Winter Songs

Because of the wind,
my hair is blowing around
and is in my face.

Bed is nice and warm
Outside there is bitter cold.
But I have to pee.

13. Christmas (in the northern hemisphere)
The weather is cold.
The family is united.
Their feelings are warm.

14 Epiphany
The witch Befana
brings an end to the time of
giving and pleasure.

Death lasts
and stretches out on this bed.
Nothing speaks.

I want to go to
this country of sweet fruit ,,,
and to one green land

A snake ...
is eating my hand...
What a disaster!

Bread is on the board.
Rich men and children alike
Eat bread.

All the time.
I want to sleep well.
I am not strong.

A tremendous noise
occupies every city.
Okay, now stop it!

Water is falling
I don't want to have to work
in the bitter cold.

Why is chocolate
good for the emotional
life of us humans?

The insect spoke out.
O please don't kill me” it said.
It was a red bug.

Good bodily health
is water and even moves
around in my garden.

the right tool for a good job
is something dead.

There is a different country
but all of it is

Everything is bad.
The absence of the red sun
is pretty.

Steaming inside air.
This office is really bad.
Everybody is screwed.

I imagine being
in a big beautiful land
of mountains and breeze.

The stone in the midst
of the city moves
but is not a stone.

A new person comes.
She is on birth-giving earth.
O welcome, stranger.

The sun is hot.
I rest on the cool sand
of the sea shore.

Oh, my wonderful sand,
you were rocks once,
a very long time ago.

The sky sends water.
Frog in a really friendly
place under-a-stone.

It's body warmth
wants to count

In a strong wind,
the distant branches
remain good.

In a windstorm's midst,
Distant tree branches remain
Loyal to their trunk.

The road
by the meadow!
I want to go.

The legs are crazy.
Plant aroma sounds.
The eye enjoys.

Sound of plants.
Wise man listens thus.
A cow moos.


Aah, cold water!
The deer comes here.
I'm longing for it.

I look upwards.
Where is the white cloud going?
It is changing.

I want to observe.
I want to feel completely.
I want to be wise.

I want to know
many important things.
My head is on fire.

Oh, blood
on my sword!
My brave heart!
(This is a distillation of the cry of an anime samurai after he kills his foe.)

The sky is very good
in the city
inside a car.

Oh!, toki pona
I feel the moving air.
The round world is one.
In the dark of night,
cicadas murmur a lot
but are sweet to hear.

In dark evening's wake,
I hear cicadas chirping-
So sweet is their song.

bring pleasant air
to my home.