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Reference: Learning Aids

Written lessons for English (others in parentheses)

1. pu, i.e., Toki Pona, the language of Good, by Sonja Lang, the creator of tp
Sonja's idiolect and so a prestige dialect, relatively conservative compared to community usage, including reversing some innovations Sonja had earlier introduced (e.g., 'poka' as a preposition). Covers the basics but not generous with details. 120 word vocab (with 3 alternates), sitelen pona and hand signs for all, place and language names. Contains a couple brief vignettes, several wise sayings (including some also in sitelen sitelen), a number of short religious pieces (various religions).

Revised after more than a decade from the text most old-timers learned from. Still conservative, though differently so from Sonja's. All the basics, with a bit more detail in many cases. 123 word vocabulary (I think). No texts (although the old version had some, I think).
 (also in German)
A revision (simultaneous with the German translation) of Pije. A yet more conservative dialect but with useful innovations (PP commas, e.g.) Tied to a parser (see below). 125 word (I think) vocabulary, with clearer separation of various uses of many words (noun, modifier, transitive verb, condition, etc.) Thematic vocabulary list, list of place names, religions, and languages. A few proverbs but quite a few vignettes.

4. Eliazar Parra Cardenas: 76 Illustrated Lessons (also in Spanish, Catalan, French, German, Russian, and Esperanto) ·
Based on the original Pije (Spanish 2004) with minor revisions in 2009 (trl to English) Covers the basics, returns to tricky topics, copious example, with some discussion. Cute illustrations. Very conservative in some ways, but useful innovations. A different 120 word vocabulary (no 'alasa', 'esun', but 'kin' and 'oko'), clear separation of main roles. Paternoster and a few proverbs.

Pije derived lessons in other languages (see above, too)
1. old Pije trl in French by Laurent Vogel /help from Esperanto of Jim White

Spoken lessons 

1. Chuff
doesn't go very far, joky but thorough presentation. Conservative.
2. Astrodonut/AetherCrux tp in a Fortnight
pleasant but serious presentation, good details. Consevative. Also several tp videos on site 
3. tp in 12 days
Pleasant, slightly jokey presentation. Covers the basics and very encouraging.
4. Tani :
lesson in tp & Eng short expressions.
usual name confusion but explanation of a sort. Other errors but pleasant presentation.
5. Russian (not checked)
6. Several classes on Memrise, for example,
Generally, these are good for hearing tp and for learning vocabulary (“pushing preds” as we used to say) but do not deal with grammar in a systematic way (if at all).

Formal grammars:
Fairly basic.

 used with the textbook above.
Very thorough.

3 Kipo: pcnimi.blogspot. com 
initial sketch in Grammar, some proposed extensions in Transformations
1. Mato's color-coded parser:
 provides, bracketed parse, glosses, POS, etc. [not operating on 16-5-31]

2. Lope's rather more sophisticated parser 
 tells how to use the parser pieces attached to the lessons in Lope's textbook. Provides annotated bracketted trees.

1.  pages 
All the words ever used, some peripheral information, definitions somewhat out of date. No handy translation aids.

2. Lope's list of words and phrases, easily search for both tp and English, but awkward as a text file. ... ionary.php 125 words.

 sitelen sitelen where known, Chinese and Japanese characters and access to several corpora. Access to pronunciation. 
Esperanto translations. 125 words but 'pata' rather than 'monsuta'

all the actually used words (I think)
 118 words with pleasant illustrations plus a few useful phrases.

6. the old word lists, words and phrases from actual use (mostly) through 2009
toki pona to English 

 126 (I think) words ('pata' added).

8. Chuff;s tp -English word list
An edited and expanded version of the old lists in spreadsheet format. Odd in having the idioms before the keyword. Very usable. Probably only slightly more up-to-date than the old lists.


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