Wednesday, June 1, 2016

jan sin kama tawa lipu pi toki pona. *179*

jan sin: 
jan pi toki pona o, toki! tenpo suno pini la mi kama sona e toki pona. toki pona li toki pona tawa mi. mi wile e ni: mi sitelen e ijo kepeken toki pona tawa lipu ni la mi pakala la sina mute li pona e ijo mi.
jan pi kulupu ni:
kama pona tawa toki pona! nimi sina li seme? sina tan seme? mi sona pona e ni: sina sitelen lon lipu ni la sina pakala la jan kulupu li pona e pakala sina.
jan sin:
pona a! mi jan Wasi li tan ma Elewon. mi wile ante toki e lipu "utala en utala ala". mi pini pi lili taso ante toki e wan nanpa wan.
jan ante kulupu:
lipu ni li suli. ken la sina open ante toki e lipu pi pona pali. taso ante toki ali li pona tawa mi.
jan sin:
pona a! toki pona li pona tawa mi. tan ni la mi wile pali e ijo suli tawa toki ni. kin la mi pali e nasin sitelen ni. ona li pona ali tawa toki pona tan ni: ona jo e sitelen wan tawa nimi ali, kin la ona jo e sitelen wan tawa wan nimi ali.
jan kulupu:
taso nasin sitelen Lasina li pona ali tawa toki pona. ken la nasin ante li pona lukin. taso ona li ike tawa kama sona lon tenpo sama kama sona toki.
jan sin:
ala! nasin sitelen mi li pona e kama sona mi pi toki pona. kin la mi pilin e ni: mi wile ante toki e lipu Totesin. mi kute e ni: toki pona li kama tan lipu ni.
jan kulupu:
jan ala li sona ali e nasin ni: toki pona li tan lipu Totesin kepeken ona.
jan sin:
kin la taso 'nasin nasin li nasin ala. nimi nimi li nimi ala.'
jan kulupu:
pona! tenpo ni la sina jan sin ala


John CLIFFORD said...

'tenpo suno pini' "past day' yesterday [idiom]
'tenpo suno' "light time" day [idiom]
'kama sona' "come to know" learn [idiom]
'kama pona' "come well" welcome [idiom]
'ante toki' "change linguistically" translate [idiom]
'pini pi lili taso' "just slightly finished" scarcely finished [nonce]
'wan nanpa wan' "first part" first chapter [nonce]
'pona pali' "practically good" easy to do [idiom]
'nasin sitelen' "writing system" alphabet or so [idiom]
'pona ali' "totally good" perfect [idiom]
'wan nimi' "part of a word" syllable [idiom]
'pona lukin' "good visually" beautiful, handsome, pretty [idiom]

John CLIFFORD said...

A new person comes to a toki pona site.

New person (NP):
Hello, toki pona people! Yesterday I learned toki pona. toki pona is a good language for me. I want to write things in toki pona for this site and, if I make mistakes, I want you to correct my stuff.

Someone in the group:
Welcome to toki pona! What is your name? I am sure that, if you write on this site and make mistakes, the members will correct your errors.

Great! I am Whatsis and from Erewhon. I want to translate "War and Peace" I have sorta finished translating the first chapter.

Another group member:
That's a big book. Maybe you should start translating an easy book. But I like any translations.

Thanks! I like toki pona, so I want to do something great for the language. Plus, I have created this writing system, which is perfect for toki pona because it has a single symbol for each word plus a single symbol for each syllable.

Some group member:
But the Latin alphabet is perfect for toki pona. Another system may be pretty but it is hard to learn at the same time as the language.

Not so! My writing system has improved my learning toki pona. Moreover, I think that I want to translate the Dao De Jing. I hear that toki pona comes from it.

Some member:
Nobody completely understands how toki pona come from the Dao De Jing.

However, just "The travelled path is not the path; the designating word is not the word"

Nice! Now you are no longer a new person.

Gilberto Caracciolo Morelli said...

Hi John!

In "Someone in the group phrase" is missing the question "Where are you from?"