Thursday, May 12, 2016

tomo palisa pi ma tomo Papala. *181*

tenpo ni la jan ali li jo e nasin toki wan e nimi sama.
jan ali li kama tan nasin pi kama suno li kama lukin e ma supa pi lon ma Sinala li awen lon ona.
jan ali en jan poka li toki e ni tawa sama: 'o kama. mi mute o pali e ko telo li seli ali e ona' . jan ni li kepeken ko seli, lon kiwen li kepeken ko pimeja, lon ko tomo.
jan li toki e nimi 'o kama. mi mute o pali e ma tomo e tomo palisa ni, tawa sama: lawa ona li lon ma sewi. mi mute o pali e nimi, tawa sama. ante la mi mute li tawa ma ante ali.'
jan sewi Jawe li kama anpa, tawa ni: ona li lukin e ma tomo e tomo palisa ni: jan li pali e ona.
jan sewi Jawe li toki e nimi 'a! jan li wan li jo e nasin toki wan li wile pali e ni. tenpo ni la ona li wile e ijo la ona li ken pali e ijo ni.
mi mute o kama li tawa anpa li pakala e nasin toki ona tawa ni: jan li sona ala e toki pi jan poka ona.'
jan sewi Jawe li pana e jan, tawa ma ali. jan li awen ala pali e ma tomo.
tan ni la jan li nimi 'Papala' e ma tomo ni, tan ni: ma ni la jan sewi Jawe li pakala e nasin toki pi jan ali li pana e ona, tawa ma ali.
tan lipu Open 11:1-9 tan lipu Pipija
tp: wan pi toki pi jan Yves Proudhomme en jan Stephen Pope 
kepeken jan Kipo, jan Mali, jan Piotr Mittelstaedt 


John CLIFFORD said...
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John CLIFFORD said...

toki nasin "manner of talking", "dialect" (nonce)
ko telo "wet goo" "mud" (idiom)
ko pimeja "black goo" "bitumen, tar" (nonce)
ko tomo "building goo" "mortar" (nonce)
ma tomo "built up land" "city (idiom)
tomo palisa "long thin building' "tower (nonce, but likely to stick)
ma sewi "sky country" "heaven" (idiom)
jan sewi "sky person" "god" (idiom)

John CLIFFORD said...

Now everybody had one dialect and the same words.
Everybody came from the East and discovered a plain in the land of Shinar and stayed there'
Each person and his neighbor said to one another "Come on. Let's make mud and bake it" These people used baked mud for stones and tar for mortar.
People said "Come on. Let's make a city and a tower whose top reaches heaven. Let us make a name for ourselves. Otherwise, we will go everywhere."
The Lord came down to see the city and the tower that the people were building.
The Lord said "Oh! People are united and have one dialect and want to do this. Now, if that want to do something, they can do it.
Let's come and go down and destroy their dialect so that one person doesn't understand the speech of his neighbor."
The Lord sent people everywhere. People did not continue building the city.
Therefore, people called the city"Babel" because in that place the Lord destroyed everybody's dialect and sent them everywhere.